I have seen some people criticise my recent decision to name Kyabazinga William Gabula a Special Ambassador in the Office of the President.
As someone who was involved in restoration of kingdoms, I know the laws governing them. I know where a cultural leader can contribute to Uganda without interfering with the law.
I heard the critics say royals don’t work. That is not the case. The Kyabazinga is youthful, he recently acquired useful education from abroad. He can contribute to national development and I see no merit in denying him that opportunity.
There’s a great history of royals and monarchs contributing and leading the transformation of nations. One example is King Peter the Great who is considered the father of Russia’s transformation.
At a time when Eastern Europe was lagging behind in development as opposed to Western Europe, King Peter the Great led a team of 250 royals to go work in Holland and to learn skills especially in ship-making.
These skills became the backbone of Russian development and defence, helping them fight off Swedish and Turkish aggression.
I salute the Busoga chiefs who 78 years ago saw the wisdom in uniting. No doubt unity is strength. I urge Basoga to remain united for development and transformation.