What happened to the Original NRM?

During those days, torture was unheard of, cadres were under strict instructions to differentiate between the misled and the misleader, leaders were the servants of the wanainchi, the NRA commander in Chief and the NRM Chairman had a zero tolerance policy for any officer or member who violated the above values, public offices and public officers were easily accessible and always listened to wanainchi.

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You think Gen. Museveni cares!!!

They suffered for 5 years and they have enjoyed themselves for the last 30 years and the way I see things, they are still ruling this country! Surprisingly instead of focusing on how we can change our country to make it better, we are discussing petty issues like the scarcity of sugar. And do you know that people use honey than sugar these days?

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MPs on a wild goose chase at Nalufenya

If the MPs are so concerned, as we all are, by the gruesome pictures of the town mayor and want to know where he was torutred from, they maybe glad to know that it was not at Nalufenya but a van at the police headquarters on April 5, 2017 at about 1600hrs. Will they visit the van?

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