By Najibu Mulema

Early this week, Brig. Leopold Kyanda, 51, one of the most powerful army officers in Uganda was relieved of his duties as Chief of Staff of the Land Forces in the UPDF. It is highly believed the action was motivated by accusations that he was involved in a fake arms deal went bad.

Well you have been hearing about Kyanda, and rumours flooded social media alleging how President Yoweri Museveni was going to replace Gen. Kale Kayihura with Kyanda as the Inspector General of Police.

Now we unveil the six things which we think you didn’t know about the army officer;

1. Before rising to ranks in the army, Kyanda in 1994 was a driver to Lieutenant General Ivan Koreta, at that time. He later joined the then Presidential Guard Brigade (PGB), which today is part of the Special Forces Group (SFG).

2. During his time in the PGB, he rose in its ranks and eventually became the Commander of the PGB. Following that, he became the Commandant of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

3. Kyanda’s stay as a commandant at CMI was moving on well until he was accused of providing sanctuary to cocaine drug dealers. Due to the allegations, he was sent to the Ugandan Embassy in Washington, DC, as the Military Attaché, serving in that capacity for two years.

4. On his return from USA, the army officer was appointed Chief of Personnel and Administration in the UPDF. In May 2013, he was assigned his as Chief of Staff of Land Forces of Uganda replacing Major General Charles Angina.

5. Kyanda says he is a born again Christian, after accepted Jesus Christ as his savior during the time he was in USA as a Military Attaché.

6. In 2011, during his stay in USA, Kyanda was named professional of the year in Government service by USA’s lead networking Resource Company called Cambridge Who is Who praising him as loyal and hardworking.

7. Kyanda is the husband to Judy Rugasira, the sister of Good African Coffee entrepreneur Andrew Rugasira. The two married in 2007 when Kyanda was aged 42 and a Lieutenant colonel. Apparently, Kyanda was a bachelor until that age!