No nonsense Rwanda slaps sh30 billion fine on MTN for breach of contract

By Namugerwa Martha The Rwanda utility regulatory authority (RURA) has imposed a fine of Sh30.8 billion (7.3 billion Rwanda francs) to MTN Rwanda limited due to non compliance with its license obligations. RURA spokesperson Anthony Kulamba, said that MTN Rwanda implemented information technology (IT) managed services under an MTN regional hub outside the country which contradicted the regulatory directive which was issued by RURA. “MTN Rwanda Ltd proceeded with the implementation despite having discussed the matter with the regular and being warned that such action would constitute a serious breach of license obligations and appropriate measures would be taken,”...

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Football hooligan puts life in danger as he attempts to disarm UPDF officer

By Watchdog reporter Ugandans border to border have been complaining about the manner security personnel abuse their arms. It is not uncommon for police or army officers to shoot people they disagree with. Unfortunately, few people labour to understand events that preceed the shooting which sometimes lead to deaths. That is why social media was horrified to see a football hooligan attempting to grab a gun from a UPDF officer. First, it is illegal to remove a gun from an armed officer, if he or she is not misusing it. The event took place during a Uganda Premier League...

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Sudan’s war crimes suspect BASHIR invited to share table with US President TRUMP

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has been invited to a meeting with US president Donald Trump this weekend, leaving the world dumbfounded. Saudi Arabia has invited the Sudanese leader who is wanted for alleged war crimes by the International Criminal Court, to a summit with US President Donald Trump and Arab and Muslim leaders, according to a Saudi official. Bashir is an isolated leader avoiding most international meetings which require his presence as aany country which is a signatory to the Rome statute is mandated to arrest him on stepping on their soil. However, Bashir has gotten away with visiting...

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By Enock Mayanja Kiyaga My last encounter with Mzee Boniface Byanyima was about 10 years ago whilst I was still a News Editor and Producer of Radio One’s premier talk show, Spectrum. I used to call him on a regular basis to invite him to feature on the show but he kept promising that he would let me know the next time he travels to Kampala so he can come to the studios. After about 5 months, I received a call from his daughter Edith, saying that Mzee Boniface was in town and had asked to speak to me....

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Tamale Mirundi apologizes to NBS viewers, UCC for misconduct while on air

By Watchdog reporter Senior Presidential adviser on media Mr Joseph Tamale Mirundi has apologized for being violent while a television show last week. Mirundi almost beat up his host Muwanga Lutaaya in last week’s One on One with Tamale Mirundi show, which got a lot of criticism from viewers and the broadcasting regulator. Uganda Communications Commission officially warned NBS over failing to uphold minimum broadcasting standards. UCC even threatened to close NBS if they don’t provide a satisfying answer in 60 days. A contrite Tamale Mirundi on Tuesday morning apologized for his misconduct while air. “I overreacted,” he admitted,...

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