Museveni:Liberate rural land through electricity, industrialization

“On the issue of land in the tropics, it is important that we urgently liberate rural land from human beings. The populations looking for farmland are cutting down trees, invading wetlands and forests and silting the existing water bodies like lakes and rivers. How do we liberate rural areas? Through provision of electricity for their domestic use – to stop them from cutting trees for firewood. And introducing industrilaisation so that the population is restructured away from the land to industries,” he said.

super mom blog:Dealing with a sick child…..I feel really worn out

All I want to do right now is switch off my phones,get into bed,and sleep for hours…..uninterrupted. But no,that is not possible, its just wishful thinking because I still have to deal with my child’s cries,she has been through a lot since yesterday, from having her ears prodded, her little hand ,to seeing so many strange faces in one day,it all took a toll on her,and my boss also expects 100% from me.

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